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In this section you will find general questions concerning our products. If you require more technical information, please click on Customer Care / Troubleshooting on the top bar. If your question is still unanswered, please click on Contact us at the bottom of the screen and send us an email by clicking on It will be our pleasure to respond.

#01 - May we purchase directly from the manufacturer?

You must purchase our accessories from a Bercomac dealer so you may benefit locally of the after sales service for parts, services under warranty and any other repairs.

#02 - Is it neccessary to have this installed by a professional?

No, it is not necessary to have this installed by a professional. An owner's manual is supplied showing you the installation process step by step. We do however recommend that our accessories be installed by a professional.

#03 - How do I install the unit onto my tractor?

Install the subframe once and for all and attach the drive mechanism.

The subframe is the required part enabling you to attach the accessory to the tractor. It is specifically engineered to fit onto the series and brand of the tractor because tractor frames may vary.


#04 - What is the use of a drive mechanism?

This portion transfers the power of the tractor to the snowblower or the broom to activate them (not required on snow or utility blades).

If the mower deck of your tractor is activated by a belt, the snowblower or broom will also be activated by a belt that is included in the drive mechanism.

On specific tractor models, it is a drive shaft that activates the mower. You must fasten the tractor's drive shaft onto the one that is included with the drive mechanism.


#05 - Can I install any Berco unit onto my tractor?

In most cases yes, according to the model of your tractor. The same subframe may be utilized with our three accessories, SNOWBLOWER / ROTARY BROOM / BLADE.

No need to purchase additional parts, only the accessory itself (adaptor needed for Rotary broom). This is all possible with the quick attach system included with the Berco subframe.


#06 - Do you have different types of lift mechanisms?

Yes, we have different types of lift mechanisms. This is included with our subframe which comes in 3 different versions and depends on the year, brand and series of the tractor. MANUAL LIFT / ELECTRIC LIFT / HYDRAULIC LIFT.

EASY TO LIFT WHICHEVER WAY. On certain tractor models, you may have more than one choice. To confirm which type of lift mechanism is offered, simply mention the brand, the year and the series of your tractor to your dealer.


#07 - How does the manual lift function?

This line of accessories is lifted by using a lift arm or lever located directly to the right of the driver. With our over center lock mechanism, it takes surprisingly little effort to lift the accessory.

So this is no longer a man's job, ladies and teenagers can join in the snow removal fun.


#08 - How doest the electric lift function?

Simply innovative... push a button to raise and lower the accessory. This system is activated by an electric winch included with the subframe. The winch remains on the tractor permanently, so just bolt on the subframe once with the winch and leave it on the tractor. Just amazing!

#09 - How does the hydraulic lift function?

When the tractor is equipped with an hydraulic lift for the mower deck, our system will hook up onto the same mechanism. This not only simplifies lifting the accessory but it simplifies the installation. Maximize your investment.



#10 - If I change my tractor, will I be able to install my accessory onto the new one?

It might be possible to install the accessory, depending on the year, the brand and model of the new tractor. Please contact a dealer for more information.

#11 - Is my tractor powerful enough to run the snowblower?

Yes, all lawn & garden tractors with 13 HP and more are powerful enough. The snowblower requires just 6 HP.

#12 - How do you attach your accessory onto the ATV or UTV?

Extendible subframe does the full length of the vehicle to hook onto the rear ball hitch. Uses chains with straps or brackets (brackets stay on permanently) to attach to the front axles. When chains are tightened using the turnbuckles they act as an anti-sway system. The snowblower is supported by 2 caster wheels so there is no added weight onto the vehicle. The lifting is done with the vehicle's winch (winch and rear ball hitch are not included with accessory).

#13 - How is the accessory controlled on a ATV or UTV?

It is controlled from the driver's seat,fingertip controls will permit you to turn the chute 237 degrees left/right, adjust the height of the deflector.

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