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Chute deflector kit
Chute deflector kit - Model: #700239-1

Replaces the knobs on the chute and allows you to raise and lower the deflector from the driver's seat.
Rear Counterweights
Rear Counterweights - Model: #700240-9 - #700246-6 - #700441 - #700444-1


Required for safety and better traction. Counter-balances the weight of the attachment mounted in front of the tractor.

Total of 150 lbs (6 suitcase weights of 25 lbs each) which easily slide into brackets mounted on the rear of any Lawn, Yard or Garden tractor. Weights are quickly & easily removed when not needed.

Various models for various tractors.

Drift Extension
Drift Extension - Model: #700241


Extends the height of the snowblower.

Heavy duty skid shoes
Heavy duty skid shoes - Model: #700243


Recommended for gravel driveways. Fits Compact, Deluxe or Northeast snowblowers. Package of 2.

Tire Chains for Tractors
Tire Chains for Tractors - Model: Various sizes available
2 link spacing design - Chain crosses the tire at every two links which doubles the traction and helps in a smooth transmission operation.

Required for better traction of the tractor and for your safety.
(Package of 2)
Electric deflector adjustment kit
Electric deflector adjustment kit - Model: #700526-1
Raises / lowers the deflector portion of the chute electrically by the flip of a switch.
Electric chute & deflector kit
Electric chute & deflector kit - Model: #700522-1
Turns the snowblower's chute & raises & lowers the deflector portion electrically by the flip of a switch.

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