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COMPACT Snowblower Manual Lift

40" Model - # 700255-4


We might call it compact but you won't once you see how far it can throw the snow. This snowblower was designed for the smaller lawn or yard tractors up to 24 HP. It is perfect for any residential use so why walk behind a snowblower when you can ride for the same price.

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Requires Designed for tractors from 13 to 24 HP. Requires a subframe and drive kit. Rear counterweights and tire chains are required for safety and traction (see options section for more details).
Durability Every aspect of the blower was designed with top quality components to assure a long & low maintenance life, from the double layered base, the heavy duty steel scraper, the steel chute just to name a few.
Endurance Designed for tractor use, beefed up to allow a faster pace.
Performance Berco TWO STAGE Performance

    Is the powerful saw tooth auger which breaks through any type of snow with ease.

    Is the impeller that turns at a high RPM which propels the snow to further distances.

  • Bolt on the subframe ONCE & FOR ALL
  • Clip on the drive mechanism
Benefits Controls at your fingertips

  • Engage the snowblower by activating the same system as the mower deck of the tractor.
  • Turn the chute to the left or right by using the handle located to the left of the driver.

Manual Lift

  • Lift easily by pulling the lever located to the right of the driver.

Quick Installation

  • Once the bolt-on-brackets are mounted to the tractor, they may remain on permanently with no interference with the mower deck.

One Mounting For All

  • Use the same mounting to install the other Berco accessories such as the Rotary Broom and the Blades.

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